Reserve Parachutes

Axis reserve chute Our reserve chute with a central line, matches all the requirements. We used only attested technologies. The quality is most important. The flawless function is maintained during all regimes of flight.

Our reserve consists of: canopy with lines, inner container, connecting bridle strap, releasing handle. Chute is reinforced so that it is resistant even to dynamic impacts after a free fall. One of the most important construction features is central line which shortens opening time and helps to lower sink rate. But all of this increase impact upon opening. So we used such materials which help to bring opening impact to standart level. Another important feature is inner container. All of suspension lines are attached to container by ruber bands so there is no entanglment of lines or canopy.

Available sizes

For UK enquiries please contact our UK expert Rick. Rick will be happy to advise on all aspects of the Axis range.

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